Photo Gallery

At home (2005). Photos: Bruno Schultze.



While working as Composer in Residence at CMMAS of Morelia, Mexico, in july 2015. Photo: Tânia Rajczuk Dombi.

Resting under a wonderful tree near São Francisco Xavier, Brazil, in July 2014. Photo: Tânia Rajczuk Dombi.

Composing Scritpio for violin solo at the very beginning of 2013 in the mountains of Maringá (Minas Gerais) and Visconde de Mauá (Rio de Janeiro). Photos: Tânia Rajczuk Dombi.

Visiting the Bertramka Museum in Prague (2010), where Mozart finished Don Giovanni. Photo: Tânia Rajczuk Dombi.

Drinking a virtual wine with Tânia Rajczuk Dombi in Vila Velha Park in Paraná, Brazil (July 2009).

Composing at home (2005). Photo: Bruno Schultze.

Beethoven-like shadow in the walls of Pompei (2005).

Composing labORAtorio in 2003 at home.

Composing labORAtorio in 2003 at home.

Playing the piano (Brahms) at home in 2007. (See a video of this performance in > musical performances).

On November 1990, while finishing his stay as composer at the Studio für elektronische Musik der Musikhochschule Köln, Germany.

Drawing of Flo Menezes “Lendo Trotsky sobre a mesa” (“Reading Trotsky on the table”) by his former wife Regina Johas (1986).

Militant at the mixer (Studio PANaroma, ca. 2000).

Listening to the others (ca. 2005).

Ludwig van Meenezes: Flo Menezes approx. at the age of 17 years old.

Flo Menezes already as a Palmeiras football team fan in 1971 (9 years old) beeing fed by his Italo-Brazilian mother Elza Raphaelli.

At the age of his first pieces...

... and of his first Scherzi.

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