Recent and next concerts

In recent months there were several concerts with works by Flo Menezes, including orchestral works. Last November 2015 there was the world première of Grand écart for string orchestra in São Paulo, where in May 2016 his orchestral piece laçoentrelaço was performed in the same concert hall: Sala São Paulo.

On November 4th, 5th and 6th, 2015, Flo Menezes organized the Fórum-IRCAM "Hors les Murs" in São Paulo, which happened at the Studio PANaroma, supported by the IRCAM and the French Gouvernement. In this event his piece TransScriptio was played together with Anthèmes 2 by Boulez.

This year, in October, there will be the XI BIMESP 2016 (the International Biennial for Electroacoustic Music of São Paulo), with the visit of eminent composers: Jean-Claude Risset, Horacio Vaggione, Åke Parmerud and the Tempo Reale studio (founded by Berio) represented by Francesco Giomi.

Besides that, on November 23th, 2016, there will finally be the world première of his S(c)enario by the Percussions de Strasbourg, written as a commision of this ensemble and the German Experimentalstudio des SWR for the 50 years of this prestigious ensemble. The concert will be repeated at ZKM in Karlsruhe two days later.

Following these concerts, Flo Menezes will present his acousmatic piece Fond d'erreurs for the first time in Europe with the loudspeaker orchestra from The Acousmatic Project by Thomas Gorbach in St. Pölten, Austria, on November 26th, and after this concert he is invited as Guest Composer for 4 days in Poland.

In the middle of December, Flo Menezes will make three portrait-concerts with some of his acousmatic pieces Todos os Cantos, Motus in fine velocior and Fond d'erreurs with the Hydra electroacoustic diffusion system (40 loudspeakers) directed by Hans Tutschku at the Harvard University.


A new DVD production of the SESC-label was published in 2015 the pieces Scriptio and TransScriptio respectively for violin and violin and live-electronics in their surround versions, played by the extraordinary Brazilian violinist Cláudio Cruz. In this DVD, totally produced, recorded and mixed by Flo Menezes, there is also the first worldwide surround recording of Anthèmes 2 by Pierre Boulez, who was still able to give his full support to this project.

The release of the SESC video-DVD de spectris sonorum is a great success, with historical and recent electroacoustic works of Flo Menezes (2:30 hours of music with surround mastering and videoart of important Brazilian artists).
Surround recordings of: PAN: Laceramento della Parola; Phantom-Wortquelle; Words in Transgress; Contextures I (Hommage à Berio); Harmonia das Esferas; ATLAS FOLISIPELIS; Colores and Traces. The world première of Crase for large orchesra and electronics was also published on a surround video-DVD (limited edition) as a bonus of the SESC-DVD, performed by the OSESP (State Orchestra of São Paulo).

Gefäß des Geistes was recorded by the excellent Brazilian pianist Alexandre Zamith, and Contrafacta for brass ensemble with electronics was released by a new CD of the trombone player Carlos Freitas under the conducting of Flo Menezes himself.


The Unesp (State University of São Paulo) has published a whole book, organized and edited by Flo Menezes, devoted to the work of Luciano Berio. In this book, there is also a wonderful text by Umberto Eco about Berio, translated by Flo Menezes; it is the first translation in Portuguese after the death of Eco. It is a digital book and it can be free downloaded:,luciano-berio

In England, a wonderfull book edited by Leigh Landy and Simon Emmerson published a analysis by Raúl Minsburg of an excerpt of Harmonia das Esferas as example of complex texture:

In Germany, the important publisher Wolke Verlag published at the very beginning of 2014, in German and English, the Collected Writings by Flo Menezes, edited by the eminent German musicologist Ralph Paland, with all his Cologne lectures and other texts on musical maximalism. To this book are attached sound examples that can now be downloaded here (see in books and articles under the references to the book Nova Ars Subtilior).

His new book Mathematics of Affection – Treatise on Musical (Re)composition was wonderfully published in April 2013 by the Edusp (University Press of the University of São Paulo).


The most strinking events to be noticed here are the Fórum-IRCAM "Hors les Murs" in São Paulo, which took place wih enormous success on November 4th, 5th and 6th, 2015 at the Studio PANaroma, supported by the IRCAM and the French Gouvernement and which has been organized by Flo Menezes, in colaboration with USP, Unicamp and the IRCAM; and the XI BIMESP 2016 in São Paulo in October 2016, with 17 concerts and 89 electroacoustic works, all with the 52 loudspeakers of the PUTS system of the Studio PANaroma.


Flo Menezes has received a commission-prize of Ibermúsicas for a new piece for harp and live-electronics, which was realized in July 2015 at the CMMAS in Morelia, Mexico.

Besides that, his piece TransScriptio was under the 4 finalist works at the Musica Nova Contest in Prague under 83 considered pieces from 26 countries and his book Matemática dos Afetos was indicated for the Jabuti Prize in São Paulo.

In 2014 Flo Menezes was also awarded a commission-prize of the FUNARTE/Culture Ministery of Brazil for the piece PostScriptio, a violin concert, which will be premiered at the XXI Biennial of Brazilian Music of Rio de Janeiro in 2015.

Recently on this site

Under lectures>videos and audiodocuments, a historical, rare audio document was added: Flo Menezes interviewing Luciano Berio at the Mozarteum in Salzburg on August 22th, 1989, when Berio revealed some aspects of his masterpiece Visage for the first time.

Many new audio documents, performances of Flo Menezes at the piano and conducting, and lectures were added to the site, besides infos and scores and recording of his music.

Some new vinks to professional videos with orchestral performances of Grand écart and laçoentrelaço are also new.

A historical interview given in 1997 by Flo Menezes to Prof. Paulo Ramos Machado (recently died in 2014) at the first building of the Studio PANaroma is now available under >lectures and (audio)documents.

A wonderful studio recording (produced at Studio PANaroma) of L'itinéraire des résonances (2001), played by Rogério Wolf, Eduardo Gianesella and Leonardo Labrada, is now available for listening.

The European première of Scriptio (2013) of June 2014 in Germany, performed by the excellent young violinist Rebecca Minio, can also be heard. And last but not least, wonderful, fantastic professional recordings of both Scriptio and TransScriptio by the violinist Cláudio Cruz are also included.

Besides all that, new broadcasts about Flo Menezes are also included, such as the Mexican radio programs made when Flo Menezes was at CMMAS in Morelia as Composer in Residence in July 2015, or the recent Czech broadcast about him of May 2016.

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